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I have a complex medical case due to nervous system damage, from rocket propellant poisoning. While I Served
out A career in The US. Air Force.
I require micro dosing of Medicine now,
(Long story!).
Sina, is a highly intelligent Pharmacist,
Knows this technology.
His gracious manner is great, and has vital resource information to offer of the Metro
Indy Area is priceless...
Thank You Sina, Greenleaf Apothecary...

MichaeL Coniglen

Sina is the best pharmacist!!! He is always so helpful and kind! At Greenleaf, they truly care for the patients. They are one of a kind!

Leah Griffith

Very professional and highly knowledgeable. Rare that a pharmacy follows up to see how the patient is doing with an rx. Thank you.

Tese Lawrence

Great customer service. Very helpful and even delivered next day to us in Columbus!

Renae Smith Cockerham

I love this place! My cat was diagnosed with cancer and she is taking their compounded steroid. It is fish flavored and she loves it! The couple that runs the pharmacy are so friendly and helpful. They always ask how my cat is doing and how she is liking the medication. One evening, they even delivered her medication to us and finally met their patient. I will continue to purchase meds here and suggest the same for anyone considering it. Thank you GreenLeaf for everything you do!

Nikki Carr

I am so very impressed by the professional and caring nature of this pharmacy. My cat needed a pain medication, due to her cancer diagnosis. The pharmacist was very attentive to telling me how to administer the medication and he even flavored it a tuna flavor. I was dreading giving her the medication, as she is usually very non compliant. She tolerated the medication very well, and even licked her lips after. So very happy to provide her comfort in her very limited time left. I would recommend this pharmacy to anyone. Thank you again!

Sarah Myles

I love this place! The pharmacist and his staff provide such wonderful, professional, and caring service. With each prescription I have filled here, the pharmacist himself has called me the next morning to see how it's working, and whether any changes need to be worked out with my doctor. I can't recommend Greenleaf highly enough.

Brooke L M Stage

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